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Авторські тексти з високою унікальністю!

Замовити есе недорого тепер можливо!

Замовити есе недорого тепер можливо!

Есе на замовлення – це твір, який являє собою творчу роботу, в якій обговорюється поставлене завдання, критично оцінюється яка-небудь тема та інше.




An aspiration to travel is motivated by the desire to obtain the new experience about exotic food, arts and culture, history and traditions of the other nations. They can be greatly varied in the other countries and even more can be radically different from the culture of own state. Consequently, a traveller must understand that there is no better culture than one in which he lives.

When a traveller arrives in the foreign country, he deepens into its environment. It is easy to forget that travelling is short-term pleasure, so it matters what experience you will bring home then. Wherever you are, you must understand that a culture, you were born in, is the closest to you, because it is easily and is understood closest to mind perception. In the other words, it is native. It is a mentality you accustomed to.

Despising own the cultural traditions can lead to losing self-estimation. If you do not respect the own culture, you do not respect its people and yourself because you are one of its representatives. Крім того, when travelling a person must exchange the cultural experience, i.e. he must tell about people the country he came from.

Thus, each country has its own traditions of welcoming, cuisine, festival and celebrations. Even the taste in clothes can be a little shocking for a traveller. For example, Island in people often wear woollen wide coats looking rather for funny unaccustomed eye. In your own country the preferences in clothes can be rather casual and more traditional, such as jeans, for example.

Being a tourist is cool when you’re visiting a country for a short period of time, but when your goal is to make the new country your home, it’s hard to beat a local. Locals know the culture and the country. They have many contacts. They know the best places to go out. The cuisine can be rather challenging for the stomach if you never tries some dishes or even do know of what products they were cooked.

In conclusion I wish to resume that when travelling you must bring your culture in yourself. The most important in travelling is getting new experience and emotions, which enrich after you returning home. The love to own country and culture will never allow you to despise it. Being home you can tell your friends about what your saw and tell that "there is no place like home".



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