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Авторські тексти з високою унікальністю!

Різноманіття синонімів та антонімів

Різноманіття синонімів та антонімів

Дана стаття містить зразок добору синонімів та антонімів до наведених слів


To allow – to permit to authorize;

Official – formal, commanding, ceremonial, authoritative;

Party – group, side, participator, accessory;

To pass to proceed, to adopt, to take;

Statute – law, rule, act, document, декрету, regulations;

To rule – to control, to govern, to reign, to lead to manage;

Authority – jurisdiction, administration, powers;

Punishment – penalty, retribution.


To violate – to inviolate, to obey, to undisturb, to unbreak, to keep, to maintain;

Civil – uncivil, non-civilian, non-defense;

Inferior – insubordinate, superior, upper;

Injustice – justice; equity, fairness, truth, correctness;

Biased – unbiased, impartial, unprejudiced, disinterested, dispassionate;

Legal – illegal, unconstitutional, unlawful;

To summon – to dismiss, to postpone, to recall, to dissolve, to disband;

Constitutional – unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful, illegitimate.

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