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Як написати есе?

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Exploring space

Space exploration always attracted attention of mankind. It is explained by endless desire to know unexplored better things and penetrate into the mysteries of cosmic space that can't be seen with naked eye. The first satellite «Sputnik-1» was launched on the 4th of October 1957. It was the unmanned spacecraft. The first leaving creature entered the space on the 3th of November 1957. After the first 20 years of exploration, focus shifted from one-off flights to renewable hardware, such as the Space Shuttle program, and from competition to cooperation as with the International Space Station.

Space exploration can be executed from the earth-ground station and from space-ships directly. On the earth-ground station, observation over space is done by назвами астрономів with assistance of telescopes. They watch stars, planets any other cosmic objects in the space. They also study different phenomena as dark holes, cosmic dust and etc.

Today, space exploration is based on the international cooperation that allows exchanging the data obtained and information about observational results. Generally, space exploration can bring many benefits to mankind, for example, we can know exactly how our planet was formed, and receive new resources, such as solar energy etc. for the development and improvement of human life. Since the first moon landing, many nations have developed programs of space exploration. A network of communication satellites made world-wide television and telephone service possible.

Do you agree that if we stop animal research, we'll be the real killers?

Medicine is impossible without practical researches. Each medical breakthrough is a result of long-term studies and test. These researches are conducted in order to find the best ways of treatment of illnesses and relieve pain, caused by sickness. The all-out efforts related to medical inventions used for treatment of people inevitably hinge on the results of investigations obtained on the animals.

The medical scientists say that we must not stop animal research, because it is almost the only way to test the drug and define its appropriateness for human treatment. However, the defenders of animals emphasize that we must put heads together to stop cruelty and actually killing of living beings.

In my opinion, the research on animals can be used only if cutting edge technologies do not allow testing the drug with using only computer programmes and medical software. Animal testing is necessary, in spite of all terribleness of sufferings, which the animals endure during test. In this regard we must point out in favour of the animal research that the results of such research can help to eliminate hereditary diseases, to reduce death toll from a number of diseases which are considered to be untreated. So, from my point of view if we stop animal research, we may become "killers" for thousands of people all over the worlds, who suffer from heart diseases, AIDS, cancer, and other diseases, which are at present thought to be the main source of deaths among humans.

Perhaps, it would be better, if scientists more pay attention to the ways of efficacy of increasing the safe methods of animal testing, which will not include cruelty expression in relation to them. Finally, the animals are not the material, like a cell or fiber. They are alive, and can feel pain, as well as human being do. Thus, we can conclude that medicine doesn't bear imprudent actions. If animal research will to promote overcoming the diseases, which became scourge of the century, may be this kind of testing is the best way now, until the alternative means will be found.

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